Shahi Emam a Royal Govt. Official
Shahi Emam a Royal Govt. Official

On 26th January 1950 when the Constitution of India came into force, its Article 14 guaranteed the Right of equality for all and Article 18 of our Constitution abolished all the Titles as Rai Bahadur, Jamindar, Lat Saheb, Sir etc. coming down from the times of Britishers and moghuls. However in order to get and purchase muslim votes the wakf Board a constitutional institution operating under the State Government under wakf Act has created a post of Shahi Emam is-regarding the constitution for certain families settled during moghul regime and against those posts the single family has been the authority and power to govern under section 32 of the wakf Act. But it is the first govt. department (body) where an employee could replace its principal employer even.

However, if we talk about Quran all are equal in the eye of Allah (God) whether its Human being or a mosque. Even then how did a mosque became shahi mosque and an Imaam a Shahi Imaam ?

All are silent on this point, whether the Namaz led by a Shahi Imaam and the Namaz in a Shai mosque is quickly accepted by Allah?

Is there a provision like 2G, 3G, 4G Network?

In fact the problem lies general mosques ‘SHAHI’. Where the Imaams of general mosques hereby earn their livelihood and acquire a general status, Shahi Imaams become so powerful that they can threaten even the Prime minister of the Country and slow their _ and intimacy_ with the P.M. of an Enemy country. How does a ordinary servant of the Wakf Board become so powerful by using the word Shahi as _ of Imaam that he could present P.M. of the country from entering the Property of the Country? How does a self claimed Shahi Emaam of West Bengal declare to hair cut and shave the Dadhi of a P.M. How does the Imaam of Delhi mosque a servant of Wakf Board say – ‘ I would invite Nawaz Sharrif and not Narendra Modi the problem lies in the word, ‘SHAHI’.

We asked the Wakf Board by way of R..T.I. as to under which provision of the Constitution and the Act ShahibEmaams are appointed. The Wakf Board as always gave a set reply – file not Traceable in Masjid Section when an Appeal was preferred before CIC the Wakf Board replied that Shahi _ Emaams had been appointed during Moghul Rule and no Shahi Emaam has been appointed by the Wakf Board. On the contrary, the Wakf Board issues appeals on its official letter heads and official papers to certain people to ensure the votes of Muslims to different Political Parties which are used by Shahi Emaam saying that it was a case of Public Sentiments. If the Law rule by way of public sentiments the case would not have been pending before Hon’ble Supreme Court. We (H.H.) have filed a petition before Delhi High Court praying to abolish the convention of Shahi Emaam and delete the word ‘Shahi’ in which a notice has been issued and the case is pending before Delhi High Court See W.P. No. 7976 /2014.

Effect of Hum Hindu : Notice issued to respondents and court that the anointment ceremony of Jama Masjid Shahi Imam’s son as the Naib Imam (deputy Imam) was “illegal” and has no legal sanctity and further notice issued for abolish the title of Shahi Imam.