Protection of Gomukh Glacier
Protection of Gomukh Glacier

The Gowmukh Glacier is the sacred place where from the river Bhagirathi is emerging which afterwards becomes Ganges. Do you know the Gowmukh Glacier spread in nearly 30 km. area since thousand years has melted 8 K.M. in last 35 years and if it continued to happen the Ganges would become non-existent. The Governments have in order to earn revenue did so many things which were not only against nature but in contravention of religion as well. The public money was spent in order to form Expert Team to protect Gowmukh Glacier but not a single advice of the Expert Team was followed with the result a very big portion of the Glacier got broken and fallen down. Even the suggestions made by the Glacier Expert Committee formed in 2007 are still waiting in a Dust Bin and after the flood and landslide in July and Oct. 2017 the Gowmukh Glacier has further endangered as the garbage and pieces of rocks are lying within approx. 2 K.M. and in this process an artificial lake has also appeared and even the existence of Gowmukh Glacier is in danger.

As you are aware, as a result of efforts made by us during last decade the number of pilgrims going to the region of Gowmukh has been fixed. Further, in our PIL No. 146/14 and 148/17 filed by us before High Court of Uttrakhand seeking orders to prevent melting of Glacier and to remove the Garbage lying on the Gowmukh Glacier and the Lake, the notice has been issued by High Court on 13.12.2017 to the State Government to file a counter and necessary steps have been taken.

Click here for read the order passed by High Court Dt. 13.12.2017

It is submitted that High Court disposed above writ petition on
05.07.2018 with below said directions

“The respondents will continue to keep vigil and keep revisiting the matter from time to time; do all that is needful so that any kind of disaster or untoward incident is averted. Coordination with the Indian Space Research Organization or any other such body including the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, if necessary, from time to time, must be done by the respondents. A report regarding what is being done and of the prevailing condition shall be made by the first respondent every three months to this Court for its scrutiny, until the Court dispenses with the same. The first such report will be positively submitted before this Court on or before 31.08.2018. We further direct that if the exercise, which was to be done after the melting of the snow has not been done, the same will be done before the said report, which is directed to be submitted by us before 31.08.2018. Further reports are to be submitted within three months positively from the date of submitting the first report.”

(Sharad Kumar Sharma, J.)

(K.M. Joseph, C.J.)

Click here for read the order passed by High Court Dt. 05.07.2018