Our campaign
Our campaign
Our campaign : “I too a Petitioner ” in Ram Janm Bhumi Case.

10 crores of post card to the Supreme Court of India

10 crores of post card to the Prime Minister of India

We think that the matter of Lord Ram is not a Title suit nor it is a matter between 60 Petitioners and Respondents. This matter is concerned with 100 crores Hindus and every individual having faith in Ram and every individual believing in Ram is a Petitioner in this case.

On this issue we Hindus have started a campaign namely – “I too a Petitioner” under which we are is inspiring and giving Post Card to the people stating that if they could do nothing they can send a Post card in the name of Chief Justice of India and a post card addressed to Sh. Narendra Modi the Poster boy of Godhara incident writing their message in support of the Ram Mandir and on the day on which 10 crores of post card reached the Registry of Supreme Court and P.M.O. the issue of Ram Mandir would be decided within 24 hours.