That on 16th December 2012, a girl was brutally raped inside a moving bus in Delhi and died after suffering serious and grave injuries. It is pertinent to mention here that this incident brought a huge change in the mind set of people of India as well as forced the government to bring a massive change in anti-rape law in India.

That the incident generated widespread national and international coverage and was widely condemned, both in India and abroad. Subsequently, public protests against the state and central governments for failing to provide adequate security for women took place in New Delhi, where thousands of protesters clashed with security forces.

As a result of the protests, in December 2012, a judicial committee was set up under a retired Supreme Court judge Hon’ble Late Mr. Justice (retd.) J.S. Verma to study and take public suggestions for the best ways to amend laws to provide quicker investigation and prosecution of sex offenders. After considering about 80,000 suggestions, the committee submitted a report which indicated that failures on the part of the government and police were the root cause behind crimes against women. In 2013, the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, 2013 was promulgated by President Pranab Mukherjee, several new laws were passed, and six new fast-track courts were created to hear rape cases.

That many rape cases reported every day in media, once we red and forget about it, as we adopted this kind of news in our daily routine and never think twice over it. But this case of NIRBHAYA is a turning point of Hum Hindu when we think over national issues and apart of religious issues we should be think over national issues. After long time could not stop my tears and first time in life I visited Jantar Mantar, some people were there, set on hunger strike , sleep on road in 4 degree temperature without any shelter.

That Delhi police who failed to comply order of High Court of remove illegal masjid structure in shubhas madan, used all his power on innocent students who were protested for Nirbhaya, thank to god Delhi police not used Sukhoe and Mig 21 on these students.

In this concern Ajay Gautam provided medical and other basic support to protester and others. Hum Hindu also sent letter petition to Delhi High Court as well as Apex Court in respect of atrocities committed by Delhi police on Students and protesters.