Maa Ganga and Maa Yamuna
Maa Ganga and Maa Yamuna
To Save our dying rivers named Maa Ganga and Maa Yamuna

It is submitted that the water of the rivers is not even worth risking bath, what to talk of drinking. It is submitted that Hindus/Believers & Worshippers of Hindu religion are not able to perform their rituals in these rivers because of their present state of affairs. In fact these rivers are now not even fit for performing any rituals. It is submitted that Rivers are meant to flow and in fact they have been flowing since last thousands of years. But they will die on their own if they are stopped from flowing. It is submitted that All the rivers are on the verge of dying and their existence is at stake and they will disappear from earth one day, like mighty Saraswati.

That All the Hindus have deep Astha in rivers Ganga and Yamuna and they collectively connect with these rivers. Rivers Ganga and Yamuna are central to the existence of half of Indian population and their health and well being. The rivers have provided both physical and spiritual sustenance to all of us from time immemorial. Rivers Ganga and Yamuna have spiritual and physical sustenance. They support and assist both the life and natural resources and health and well-being of the entire community. Rivers Ganga and Yamuna are breathing, living and sustaining the communities from mountains to sea.

That Rivers Ganges and Yamuna are worshipped by Hindus. These rivers are very sacred and revered. The Hindus have a deep spiritual connection with Rivers Ganges & Yamuna. According to Hindu beliefs, a dip in River Ganga can wash away all the sins. The Ganga is also called ‘Ganga Maa’.

It is submitted that Pollutants in Rivers Ganges and Yamuna is thousands times more than the prescribed parameters for testing of pollutants like Industrial Effluents Domestic Waste Water Pollution from Agriculture Solid Wastes, fecal coliform and coliform bacteria , Similarly the quality of water of these rivers too is below the minimum prescribed parameter like Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Dissolved Oxygen (DO).

It is submitted that the Ganga Jal was once a nectar. But today it has turned into a Sewage water. These rivers are meant to give lives and not to carry sewage of the municipalities and factories.

It is submitted that extraordinary situation has arisen since Rivers Ganga and Yamuna are loosing their very existence. This situation requires extraordinary measures to be taken to preserve and conserve Rivers Ganga and Yamuna. The agencies concerned are not serious about the issue.

Under the circumstances, Ajay Gautam (HH) approached to the High Court of Uttrakhand and humbly prayed for

to maintain quality of water at least to the extent it is safe for performing religious rituals by Hindus and followers of other religions, in rivers Maa Ganga and Maa Yamuna and their tributaries;

to release/maintain of sufficient flow of water in the above named rivers ( throughout the year) so that worshipers/ believers/Hindus can perform various rituals including last rite and rituals after last rite of the worshipers/ believers/Hindus,

to release/ maintain sufficient flow of water in the above named rivers (throughout the year) so that rivers are rejuvenated & are fit for performing various rituals by the worshipers/ believers/Hindus like Aachmen to Snaan ( Shodash Senskar Etc.)

It is submitted that the Hon’ble High Court on 12.09.2018 passed many interim directions with regard to the prayer above.

Click here for read the order passed by High Court Dt. 12.09.2018

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