Love Jehad
Love Jehad

Protection of women (matra shakti) from Love Jehad – In 1980’s an Ajmer Chisti case took place which the present generation may not be aware of and last offender of which has been held just few years ago. Khadim of Ajmer Sharrif, called as chisti, played a dirty game of passion at the premises of Dargah. A large number of Hindu Girls had to commit suicide. In those days there was neither any internet nor mobile simple camera became an arm and it did the job what bullets did not do.

Foolish Hindus believing in Ganga Jamuni Culture visit Ajmer Sharrif , in eighty , some Hindu girls were called by Chishti in the rooms of Khadims inside Dargah under the pretext of offering Prasad and Dua and they gave them a narcotic substance and had sexual assault with them and captured their nude photographs. and then started black mailing them. The relatives of khwajer_Chishti and Khadims would kidnap Hindu girls of schools and colleges mostly and would commit gang rape on them. By issuing threats of circulating indecent photographs all that would he done under the grave called by people as Ajmer Sharrif. The girls would be allowed to go out subject to the condition that she brought her saheli/ friend for them. If it was so done the girls would be released. She, helpless /hopeless girls would dance to their tunes and such a naked game of sex continued to run for years. It came to the knowledge of the public when two girls committed suicide stating all the details in their suicide note. And when this whole episode came to light the Police recovered from that place naked pictures of hundreds of Hindu Girls. When this incident became public hundreds of Hindu Girls committed suicide for the shame and embarrassment. This news was published by the then journal MAYA. I could not understand as to why Moinuddin Chisti lying under the grave, under whose Premsies and rooms of Dargah this sin had been committed did not get up and the foolish Hindus believing the Ganga Jamuni Culture visit that grave with all modesty and submission. It is assumed by H.H. that if the good of Hindus cannot be bestowed on them by Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwar, Maa Durga and Hanuman the dead man lying under the grave can do nothing for them.

The case of Nadia is a fresh example of Love Jehad before society at large as to law Hindu girls are brain washed by any means i.e. “sham Daam Dend Bhed” and are _ pushed not only to Islam but are being made opposed to Hindus. Whether she is Tara Sahadev or an ordinary girl she is Trapped under love by way of fake name and fake identity. And thereafter when truth is discovered the girl is forced to be convert into Islam or she is forcibly converted by threats of her video of personal moments being viral. The social media is biggest platform of low Jehad where having Hindu Name, Tilak on forehead, Kalava on the wrist and having photographs in front of a Temple and then friendship with Hindu girls FB, whatsapp who are trapped in love Prem Jaal and thereafter _ the girls come very close get married the girls have no option. Only then they disclosed their identity and then the girl is forced to accept Islam and in such a condition the girl has no option except to surrender before the love Jihadis. The C.M. of Kerala himself filed an Affidavit before High Court stating that in this state more than 3 thousand cases of Love Jehad have taken place where in more than 950 cases FIRs have been registered.

The Muslims very well know one thing that they cannot fight face to face. Therefore they have adopted the strategy of Love Jehad to cause harm to Hindu for Community by following such type of Jehad and they are supported in the name of freedom and expression by weak laws of India and blind-deaf judges. A standard practice has come into existence that a Muslim boy kidnaps a Hindu girl and first of all he gets married and then filed an Application for danger to his life before High court on which the Court orders the concerned Police station to provide security to the couple as if he has danger from I.S.I and not from presents of the bride.

In this matter certain Muslim organizations help such Jehadis. Love or Jehad operation of Zee news brought out this fact fully before public as the Muslims have the single target to enhance their population and to reduce Hindu population so that Islam may be spread to the whole world. We have been conducting campaigns in Schools, Colleges, Institutions, Society, at such places or at social meida in order to avoid these Jehadis and to indicate modes and practices as how to identify these Jehadis and how to defend ourselves from their trap and we provide complete legal add to the girl victim of love Jehad and her family.