Child Begging
Child Begging

In every religion every culture we see face of god in children’s but can we imagine children used as a tool of begging across the India, see above mentioned picture. That beggars are found almost everywhere in Delhi for eg. at traffic signals, outside religious places, near colleges and popular markets. It is pertinent to mention here that despite the presence of beggars in almost every part of the city, concerned department has failed to take requisite actions despite there being several groups working for its eradication for a long time.

That According to a news article dated July 14, 2012 published in Deccan herald based on the report of the then Minister of Social Justice, Mr. Mukul Wasnik there are around 58,000 beggars in Delhi. However, rights group believe that the number is as high as one to two lakh. In a meeting held on the issue of beggary, organized by the Social Justice Ministry

In this concern Ajay Gautam Filed a Writ Petition No 9180 /2014 in the High Court of Delhi and Hon’ble Court issued many directions, now Delhi commission of child rights has been taken cognizance on same issue on our petition and matter is under process for removal of this social evils.

Click here to read copy of the order passed by High Court dated 07.1.2015.

It is submitted that the matter is still pending before Delhi commission of child rights and the department are in touch with Ajay Gautam and the steps taken by them time to time bought into notice of Ajay Gautam.

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