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Astrological and religious Corruptions by misleading advertisements

That there is flood of Astrologers Swamis Babas in society as well as in all kind of media specially in Electronic Media as well as in society The life of citizens suffering from serious ailments is put in danger by remedies like mantras, gems, tavis, totkas which are home delivered It is submitted that on one hand these people claim that they are able to cure chronic diseases like cancer, liver failure, kidney failure other incurable disease through Astrology or Some times on the name of Lal Kitab, Terro Cards, Numerology, DEVI SHAKTI AUR KRIPA (divine power and blessings) and on the other hand they completely ignore, overlook and rather challenge the established medical science based on scientific researches and, in this manner, these people mislead/exploit the public at large thereby endangering their life.

That in some of in programs/practice/offers/trade/business/offers and commercials these astrologer/baba and swamis assures birth of male child, thus encouraging gender selection, which is against law. They assure that if one follows the suggested remedy like mantra wearing of gems tavij etc. the couple will blessed with male child only.

That they also promise to cure diseases suffered by children and minor. These baba ji/gur ji/swami ji are playing with life of people. Some also give direct threats and intimidation by suggesting that if remedy is not followed; accidents and mis-happening, death of children may happen. One may suffer chronic diseases as a result of divine displeasure as result they exploit the public in large on name of divine services.

The baba ji/guru ji/swami ji promise financial and material gains besides curing various diseases and destroying calamities in future life. Some of them also seek a return in form of daswand (10 percent) on material gems. They also tell in case 10 percent is not paid the kirpa will be withdrawn automatically.

That the hundreds of people taking advantage of there being no law governing astrology etc, its practice, and advertisements are misleading gullible and innocent citizens. They become Astrologers/babaji/guru ji/swami ji and are playing with the life of peoples by their opinionated advice. The life of citizens suffering from serious ailments is put in danger by remedies like mantras, gems, tavis, totkas which are home delivered. If these kind of activities are not stopped/controlled it may cause serious health problems and financial repercussion due to the imperious like Bapu, Echadhare Baba etc.

In this concern Ajay Gautam sent letter Petitions to all concern department and dignitaries , Concern department take cognizance on our petition and take several steps in respect of misleading advertisements.